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Life in Highland Park

Welcome to Highland Park, one of the most affluent, beautiful, and charming communities in all of Texas.arboretum-174964_1920

Located just a few miles north of uptown Dallas, Highland Park might seem to be an extension of the big-city hustle and bustle, but it is truly a world away. In fact, it is its own world entirely, a separate entity from Dallas with its own zip code, post office, and school district.

“It’s ten degrees cooler in Highland Park.”

Here in Highland Park, friendly neighbors stroll the sidewalks, stunning historic homes and lushly landscaped yards line the quiet streets, and a deep sense of peace and tranquility reigns over all. It is one of the most expensive, affluent, and upscale communities in Texas, a city that works, and works hard, to ensure that every one of its residents needs is met.

Highland Park began as a quaint, carefree, and connected community, the sort of place where crossing guards knew the names of the children they walked to school, where traffic cones regularly blocked off traffic for community-wide events and celebrations, and where children and neighbors alike gathered at the community pool during on hot summer afternoons.

As the years passed, Highland Park changed, becoming more exclusive, attracting more affluent residents, and adopting country club nature of prestigious living. The addition of Highland Park Village brought posh restaurants, upscale shops, movie theatres, and big-name designer retailers to the city. Highland Park Independent School District grew and grew… and grew, to become one of the top-rated school districts in the country.

Highland Park: The City That Works

allgau-63427_1280Today, Highland Park is the City That Works, a bubble of quiet perfection inside the hustle-and-bustle of urban Dallas. Its parks are beautifully-planned and flawlessly maintained. Road work, tree-trimming, trash, recycling, and other neighborhood problems—should they arise—are handled promptly and without a fuss. Emergency response time falls at a mere 2 minutes.

“How many Highland Park residents does it take to replace a lightbulb? None. The police do it for us,” jokes one neighborhood resident, referring simultaneously to the immediate helpfulness of Highland Park police and the low crime rate that has residents calling police for even the most minor problems.

Highland Park truly is a world apart, a city of tranquility, of calm, of perfection. It is a city where resident satisfaction is the #1 priority—and the result is friendliness, happiness, and smiling faces everywhere you go.

Call Highland Park Home

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