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How Virtual Tours Are Impacting Real Estate

As we navigate a new normal during this global health crisis, you may be wondering how real estate is changing. Believe it or not, it’s still possible to buy a home during these difficult times; agents are using technological solutions to help their clients.

Everything You Need to Know About Virtual Tours

Virtual tours might not be a new innovation, but they’ve transformed into an essential tool for both buyers and sellers alike. Here’s how virtual tours are evolving in the age of COVID-19.

Virtual tours are growing in popularity

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Across the country, social distancing measures and CDC guidelines discourage gatherings of more than 10 people. That means most open houses are postponed until further notice, and many agents want to limit in-person showings.

Although there’s nothing quite like seeing a property for yourself, virtual tours can bridge the gap and let you look around a listing from the comfort of home. Some agents even offer fully-immersive 3D tours, which allow buyers to “walk” through a home using virtual reality.

In addition to virtual tours, many agents are using platforms like Facebook Live and Zoom to host video showings and online open houses. These interactive experiences allow buyers to really learn more about a home…and ask an agent plenty of questions.

International buyers are entering our market

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Unsurprisingly, international buyers have been using digital showings to buy American homes before and during the COVID-19 crisis. Since other countries experienced the health crisis a bit before we did, foreigners might be willing to buy a home here sooner—which is great news for luxury home sellers who want to reach a diverse market.

Buyers from China purchased more than $13.4 billion in American real estate last year, and they’re using virtual tours to their advantage. In fact, we saw 350,000 virtual tours per day by Chinese real estate agents and buyers in February alone. That’s 35 times the number of virtual tours in January!

You can buy a home sight unseen

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Some buyers can’t imagine moving into a home they’ve never seen, but a high-quality virtual tour could change your mind. Although many investors buy homes sight unseen, many conventional buyers are now utilizing 3D tours and walkthroughs to make a decision.

While it is possible to buy a home without seeing it, it’s not necessarily the norm. The main purpose of online showings is to cut down on in-person tours and prevent the spread of germs. However, it may still be possible to schedule an in-person appointment if you’re seriously interested in a property.

Bottom line: virtual tours are here to stay

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Although many investors choose to buy homes based on virtual tours alone, it’s safe to say that in-person showings won’t disappear after things return to normal. There’s something to be said about viewing a home with all five senses—but for now, online resources can definitely help you make a decision.

Ready to Take Your Next Steps?

If you’re thinking about buying or selling your Dallas area home, we’re here to help! You can trust Glazer’s Realtors to get the job done right, even in today’s uncertain market. Just give us a call with any questions or concerns; we’re always here to help during your time of need.

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